Supervision and Training

Individual and Group ISTDP Supervision

I offer both individual and group supervision to those who are seeking to develop skills inSupervision applying Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). 

In addition to face-to-face supervision, I am also available to do supervision via Zoom. This allows us meet at convenient time and place for supervision. Some of the benefits of Zoom supervision include:

  • I can observe and provide feedback of your sessions that you have videotaped.
  • Convenient meeting time and place
  • Concurrently observe videotape of your work and be provided moment-to-moment feedback
  • Feedback can be provided via instant messenger on Zoom, thereby allowing you to save the feedback for later study and review
  • Zoom is HIPAA compliant 

How Zoom Supervision Works:

Before our first supervision session, you will set up an account on Zoom, and before the session, I will also provide you a link to join the meeting. 

  1. We identify a mutual time for our supervision session (60-minutes)
  2. I will video call you via Zoom
  3. Once connected, we should both be able to see and hear one another
  4. We can then proceed to discussing your case and specific feedback you would like to receive
  5. We can then watch a segment of your session, and as I watch your session, I will type in comments via instant messenger window. These comments can include my observations of the client, specific interventions I would use, the client’s psychodiagnosis, etc. You can then save these comments for later study and review
  6. At any time during the viewing of the tape, we can pause to discuss the case, address questions, etc. 


ISTDP/ Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Training


I will be co-leading a core training in Affect Phobia Therapy with Kristin Osborn beginning in 2019. If you would like more information about the training, please follow this LINK